Siding With Desire – PRE-ORDER & Tour Announcement

Outlandish Press is going on tour for Zenaida Smith’s new book Siding With Desire. PRE-ORDERS for her new book can be found below.

Siding With Desire tour dates:

Sunday, April 15th – Guide to Kulchur – Cleveland, OH –  7pm

Tuesday, April 17th – Volumes Bookcafe – Chicago, IL – 7pm

Thursday, April 19th – Java Cabana – Memphis, TN – 8pm

April 20th-22nd – New Orleans Poetry Festival – New Orleans, LA

Tuesday, April 24th – Java Monkey – Atlanta, GA –  8pm

Thursday, April 26th – Chase Public – Cincinnati, OH – 7pm

tour poster by Matthew Volz (@matthewvolznyc)

Siding With Desire

Miranda Metelski

With the launch of our website we are pleased to announce:

PRE-ORDERS are now available for Miranda Metelski’s “Resisting the Book of a Woman Possessed”

‘RESISTING THE BOOK is exactly that: a book that will never exist. Flickering on the edges of antimemoir, hagiography, and divinatory poetics, this hybrid-text grotesquerie aborts itself in order to have something to feed on. Structured as a series of prose poems, process notes, and mock critical theory, much of its mystery is documented through visual forms such as erasure, collage, selfie, and handwritten page. Like watching Joan of Arc in reverse, RESISTING THE BOOK is born on the cross, a witch-script that turns itself inside out, whispering to you through the flames.’ —David Kuhnlein

Resisting the Book of a Woman Possessed